Cyber Monday Turns Into Cyber Week

By Chaotic Chipmunk (Marketing) in General,

Hey Write!rs,

We’ve decided to prolong the Cyber Monday that now turns into Cyber Week! So you still have a chance to grab two months of Write! Pro for only $1 (like ~$0.016 per day).

Enjoy Write! Pro and share your experience with us.

If you have any questions regarding how to work with Write!, feel free to contact us at

EAP Prolonged

By Chaotic Chipmunk (Marketing) in General,

Hello everyone!

We would like to inform you that the Early Adopter Program has been prolonged for another week. All information about the changes following the end of the EAP will be published in our next blog post.

Sincerely yours,
Write! Team.

Signs of Life

By Happy Hamster (CEO) in General,

Hi, my name is Alex (internally known as Happy Hamster) and I am the CEO of the company behind Write!.

Just wanted to give a quick heads-up since we’ve been quite lately. The reason for that is that we’ve reached certain stability and functionality with the Beta 8.x version branch and are now focused on commercial version of Write! which will be a huge update, amongst other features, including cloud support and dark UI/content themes.

All functionality released to date will remain in the free edition of Write!.

The release date for commercial Write!…