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By Happy Hamster (CEO) in General,

Hi, my name is Alex (internally known as Happy Hamster) and I am the CEO of the company behind Write!.

Just wanted to give a quick heads-up since we’ve been quite lately. The reason for that is that we’ve reached certain stability and functionality with the Beta 8.x version branch and are now focused on commercial version of Write! which will be a huge update, amongst other features, including cloud support and dark UI/content themes.

All functionality released to date will remain in the free edition of Write!.

The release date for commercial Write!…

Write! Beta 8.4

By Chaotic Chipmunk in Updates,

While we’ve been pushing hard to get Write! 1.0 released, several minor (yet annoying) bugs surfaced from users’ feedback and comments, so here’s small maintenance update meant to decrease annoyance and increase awesomeness:
Improved Spellchecker
Updated Spellchecker delivers more relevant correction suggestions in the following languages: Czech, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Latvian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Swedish and Ukrainian.
Fixed Backspace in Lists
Fixed strange behaviour when deleting a bullet, letter, or number in a list using a backspace.
Selection and Overwriting Fix
Irritating misbehaviour when overwriting selected text was fixed.

Write! Beta 8

By Chaotic Chipmunk in Updates,

As usual, we present to you the changes and fixes implemented in the latest beta version of Write!.
Undo History Embedded Into Document
Undo and redo your actions in previously saved documents. This feature is still in its infancy, however we plan to evolve it into a powerful tool.
Support for New Plain Text File Extensions
You can now open such file extensions as .info, .ini, .nfo, .cfg, etc.
Markup Preview
Everything that is written can now be previewed in markup syntax. In order to do this, right-click the document’s tab…

Beta 7.1 – 7.6: Fixing and Optimizing

By Chaotic Chipmunk in Updates,

After about a month-long silence in our blog, we are ready to present you the latest hotfixes that were made to improve and optimize Write!’s performance. Take a look at the list.
A Few Spellchecker Fixes
From time to time, we receive some complaints from our users about the way the spellchecker functions. We have taken everything into consideration and made the following fixes:

  • Words are no longer recognized as wrong if they are written or pasted in a language that is disabled in the spellchecker;
  • Language control options are now…

Write! Beta 7

By Chaotic Chipmunk in Updates,

Continuing with delivering updates and fixes to you, we would like to present the change log of what has been updated and fixed in the latest release of Write! beta 7.
RAM Rational Use
As you have probably noticed, Write! used some excessive megabytes of memory with all dictionaries enabled in the spell checker. Starting from beta 7, the app loads only the dictionaries with the languages that are used in the documents you open. Additionally, you can reduce the memory usage by going to the Settings menu > Spellchecking tab, and checking only those…

Beta 6.2 – 6.6: Updates and Fixes

By Chaotic Chipmunk in Updates,

For almost four weeks we have released updates of Write! in which some things were fixed, added or changed in a better way. Unfortunately, we were not able to deliver all features that we promised on time, but don’t think that we are idling. Here you can familiarize yourself with a small part of what has been updated for this period of time.
Improved Autocomplete
If you have at least once used autocomplete, you might notice that it made a word completion a bit slowly. We have improved the feature so that it works faster,…

Write! Beta 6.1: Minor Bug Fixes

By Chaotic Chipmunk in Updates,

In this release of Write! we want to make the app more stable and user-friendly. We have introduced some of your suggestions from our UserVoice and fixed a few little bugs.
Default Spellchecker Language
By default Write! defines the spellchecker language based on the keyboard layout that is active while typing or pasting text. In case you need to define the spellchecker language manually, use the option Default Spellchecker Language. Also, we would like to remind you that if you use default settings and the language is defined automatically, sometimes the text you type or…

Write! Beta 6 Is Even More Customizable

By Chaotic Chipmunk in Updates,

Every release of Write! has something new that makes the app more user-friendly, and Beta 6 is not an exception. Apart from another exporting option, we are introducing the new customizable line break, and give you an opportunity to modify the global hotkeys.
ODT Exporting
The previous release of Write! had some news regarding *.mdown and *.pdf export; Beta 6 enables you to export to ODT format, also known as OpenDocument.
Customizable Line Break
There are two modes of making a line break or a new paragraph in Write! that can be switched:

The Basic Stuff to Know About Write!

By Chaotic Chipmunk in Tips&Tricks,

We have put a lot of effort in the development of Write! and built it so that all its peculiarities are hidden inside the app not to distract you from the writing process. However if you are good at navigating all the shortcuts, your experience with Write! will be unforgettable. Here is a short list of features that every user of Write! should know.
Access Most Features: Ctrl+Space
Hold the Ctrl button pressed and press Space a few times more (Ctrl+Tab does the same) to switch between the tabs where you can:

  • change text…

Write! Beta 5: New Exporting Options

By Chaotic Chipmunk in Updates,

In this update of Write!, apart from a few bug fixes we would like to introduce the new exporting options that allow you to save your writings in multiple file formats and keep the formatting style unchanged as the text exported. From now on, Markdown, Wiki, or Textile syntax, changed colors of text blocks, headings and bullet lists can be easily exported to the three markup formats just by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E, or going to the dropdown of File menu. Moreover, you can as well export your documents to *.pdf using the same hot key combination or the…

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