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Perfect Playlist for Focused Writing: Part 3

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Here’s your third playlist for focused writing. This one’s more chill-focused, with even more calming and relaxing vibes than the previous ones — which you can check out here and here — but it’s got a kick, too. Now plug in the headphones and let’s listen to some music.


TOKiMONSTA is an instrumental hip-hop producer from Los Angeles with catchy beats. Her new EP called Fovere just dropped, and it veers away from her bread-and-butter hip-hop stuff into more of an EDM DJ territory, while maintaining the same intensity as her previous work.

Toro Y Moi

This producer from Canada will provide you will all the chill music you need to focus. Toro Y Moi’s releases vary in style from one another, but one thing is consistent, and that’s unique sound that’s always interesting.

Joanna Newsom

J-New recently came back from a break in making music, and her latest release is as strong and Joanna-ey as ever. Now, her music is filled with meaningful lyrics and you’re going to have to listen closely if you want to make all the connections and catch all the references, but it’s also fantastic calming music to get some concentration going.

Cherry Glazerr

Here’s an indie band with a lo-fi sound that actually makes high quality music. Three LA weird kids making garage-ey dream pop about angst and grilled sandwiches.


Kelela is soulful powerhouse R&B. Together with Arca (featured on this blog last week) she’s creating the blueprint of what R&B will sound going forward. She’s one to watch.

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    Kelela is going to be a megastar, just you wait.


    Tokimonsta is amazing, thanks for letting me know about her

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