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Signs of Life

By in General,

Hi, my name is Alex (internally known as Happy Hamster) and I am the CEO of the company behind Write!.

Just wanted to give a quick heads-up since we’ve been quite lately. The reason for that is that we’ve reached certain stability and functionality with the Beta 8.x version branch and are now focused on commercial version of Write! which will be a huge update, amongst other features, including cloud support and dark UI/content themes.

All functionality released to date will remain in the free edition of Write!.

The release date for commercial Write! (as well as the major update for the free version) is set to the 5th of August, 2015. Critical bugs will be squashed before that, obviously, if any.

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Comments 8


    Amazing work guys! Good luck!!


    Ooh, so that’s what you’ve been up to. Looking forward to trying it.


    Great app. Is what I use to write my content. Anticipating the beta.


    So… the dream has ended, and obviously the most important features like the black UI are only for paying members… I really hoped in this project


    Sweet. Any roadmap for 1.0 yet?


    Would be great if you could integrate common grammar error checking (like in the hemingway app) or add Grammarly support!


    Sounds great – I have used a mixture of tools and none of them does everything quite as I want it – Writeroom / Byword / Hemingway / Ulysses / so I’ll be interested to give this a tryout once I am back on my laptop.
    By the way, you maybe need a contextual spell checker? Heads up that you have written ‘quite lately’ when you mean ‘quiet lately’


    I see this is in an exe file – so is it Windows only?

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