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Time to Lift the “Beta” Sign: Life After EAP

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The time has come for us to lift the “Beta” sign entirely and for the Pro version of Write! to become paid from the 18th of November as announced three months ago. No need to panic though as Write! Pro will remain effectively free until the 25th of December 2015 and there will still be a limited, but “free forever” version after.

Write! is being developed by the whole team, including in-house design, UX and cloud developers and all of these people are professionals and they work on this project full-time. Sad as it may be (for some people), but this move is really a necessity for us to be able to advance the development of Write! to the fullness and quality we desire and our users deserve.

As we release more advanced features in the Pro version, like collaborative writing, “side-notes”, sharing, various cloud-enabled writing tools and integration with publishing platforms such as WordPress, we will make more “basic” ones available in the free version.

The actual roadmap will be published soon and will not be set in stone, but rather open for a debate.

Special offer for Early Adopters

We have sent an email to our Early Adopters detailing the special offer, so please check your inboxes guys :) In brief, there’s a 50% discount for every account created before the 18th of November 2015, claimable from the members area.

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