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Write! 1.9.0 Adds Export to DOCX

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Hey, writers!

After several updates with minor bug fixes, today we are delivering something you’ve all been waiting for.

Export to DOCX

Apart from exporting to .html, .pdf, .txt, odt and .mdown, you can now export to .docx. In order to do it, use the Ctrl+Shift+E shortcut, or go to the File menu and click Export or just hit the E letter. The structure of the document and all the styles will be inherited.

A New Way to Format Headers

Write! keeps working to make your writing process more optimized. That’s why we’re implementing new formatting shortcuts:

You can now mark a header quickly by pressing the Ctrl key and a number key corresponding to a header level:

Ctrl+1 or Cmd+1 for H1.

Ctrl+2 or Cmd+2 for H2, and so on.

You can also scroll through different header styles to see which one fits best:

Alt+Shift++ (Option+Shift++ on OS X) to increase in size.

Alt+Shift+_ (Option+Shift+_ on OS X) to decrease in size.

Use Ctrl+0 to switch back to regular unmarked text.

If you have any questions, feel free to shout them out to our UserVoice or directly to contact@wri.tt

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    That’s all great and dandy, but you seem to have buggered up the settings screen. I can press to open it, but no settings screen shows up and when I click the write screen I get an error message sound.


      Hello Daniel, could you please tell us the version of operating system your PC is running?


        Windows 10 with whatever latest update there is.


          Thank you for the information, we’ll look into it.


    You guys rock. Love this setting. Just patiently awaiting an iOS app… :)

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