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Write! Comes to Linux!

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Today, we’re happy to announce that we’re fulfilling our users’ most popular request. With this latest release of Write! 1.16.0, we’re bringing your favorite writing app to the world’s most popular Linux distributions — Ubuntu, Mint, and Debian (64-bit). We’ll be adding support for 32-bit versions and other distributions in the future.  The Linux version is available for download in the members area.


Write! on Linux is available with full functionality, except the Ctrl+` hotkey that brings up Write!’s window.

Here’s how you start using Write! on Linux:

  1. Go to the members area, and navigate to the Download tab;
  2. Click on ‘Download for Linux';
  3. Go to context menu and click Properties > Permissions > Allow executing file as program or run chmod +x RunWrite in the terminal;
  4. Doubleclick the downloaded file to open Write!;
  5. Sign in with your credentials to start writing.

Welcome to the new, fully cross-platform Write!

Contact support if you encounter any issues, and don’t forget to tell us about your Write! experience on our UserVoice page!

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    I always wondered why ubuntu has this poop-colored theme? Is this part of their ideology or something?


      I think you may need to see a doctor.


    I love the way you made this program run from a single file, just like on Mac. I think this is the biggest problem of Linux — every little utility consists of hundreds of packages that constantly conflict with each other. And here we have practically a Windows-like portable app. Brilliant!

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