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Write! Is No Longer Subscription-Based

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It’s been a while since the last major update of Write!, and today we release Write! 1.11.0 which includes the update to payment model, some new features and a few minor fixes.

Write! Lifetime

First, a major announcement about the Write! subscription model. You’ve been requesting it ever since Write! came out with Free and Pro versions and we announce that we’re moving away from monthly and yearly subscriptions and rolling out a one-time payment model called Write! Lifetime. This means no more recurring payments and subscriptions. You just pay $24.95 once and get the application forever.

Most current users will remain unaffected. If you’ve been using the yearly subscription to Write! or the monthly subscription for over five months, your account is automatically switched to Write! Lifetime. Enjoy your new digs!

If you’ve been using Write! for under five months, you will continue being charged for the monthly subscription until the five month point has been reached, and then you are switched to Lifetime as well.

We’re sure you have some questions about this change, so let us know what you think on our UserVoice page or send a direct message to contact@wri.tt

With this latest version, we’ve also decided to start updating users on the all bug fixes, features and workflow improvements with every update of Write!. With that being said, here are some updates from this release:

What’s new in Write! 1.11.0:

  • Ctrl+` when Write! is in the background will now bring up Write! on top, instead of minimizing it;
  • Added recently closed documents functionality and a shortcut to open the last closed tab: Ctrl/⌘+Shift+T;
  • New icons in the preset panel;
  • List processing reworked to remove several issues and improve overall experience;
  • Spellchecker fixes: the way dictionaries load has been refactored, so it’s faster; pasted links are no longer marked as incorrect, and a visual bug has been fixed;
  • Tab activation issues during document sync and after document deletion;
  • Scrolling area was broaden to the whole app’s window;
  • A bug where opening documents from the Cloud Panel with search enabled caused the search term to be highlighted;
  • App no longer crashes when trying to launch another instance of it;
  • Fixed the issue with color palette when switching between light and dark themes;
  • ‘Hide Write!’ in the context menu was fixed;
  • ‘Quit and Save As’ removed as a menu option;
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Enjoy using the new and improved Write!. If you’ve got questions or feedback about this latest update, drop us a line at contact@wri.tt

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Comments 9


    That’s great news! Keep up the good work Write! team! :)


    Just tried to sign up – have received no email. Also tried to purchase, but the transaction errored out. Not a promising sign…


      Hey Glenn, we contacted you directly via email to sort out the problem.


    I hope the program has proven popular for you. Aside from a few bugs I have been very pleased with Write! as a nice editor for getting thoughts down. You have set a very reasonable price point although I wonder how you will maintain a cloud service with these one-time purchases,

    The inclusion of a changelog with each update is fantastic. I can’t tell you how much I wished you would do this. I like to know what is new :)

    All the best to you with Write!


      Thanks for your comment.
      What bugs have you encountered? Could you please send us a description to contact@wri.tt?
      As for the Cloud maintenance, starting one year after the Lifetime purchase, access to Cloud and minor updates will be $4.95 per year. This minimal charge will help us maintain the Cloud service.



        The bugs have been fixed by now. I refer mostly to the one that would sync and remove a few lines that had just been written. This seems to be fixed. The only other bug is that on my laptop (Asus, windows 10 home 64 bit) the update from within the application never works. It just closes the program. I have to download from the website and install as normal. I reported this a while ago.

        Don’t think I am complaining about bugs! I love this editor :)

        $5 a year for the cloud service is more than reasonable if that will keep it up and running!

        Good luck in the future. This is a truly enjoyable editor.

        If anything is on my wishlist it would be a dark grey theme, and customisable (or an expanded selection of) styles.


    You just made me much more likely to use and purchase your product.


    Thanks, Brilliant move.
    Just purchased my Lifetime product


    We announce that we’re moving away from monthly and yearly subscriptions and rolling out a one-time payment model called Write! Lifetime. This means no more recurring payments and subscriptions. You just pay $24.95 once and get the application forever.

    Starting one year after purchase, Cloud access and maintenance updates are $4.95/yr.

    So it is forever or it isn’t? This looks more like a yearly subscription to me… I could understand that you have to pay for the cloud access, but for the maintenance updates? Then it isn’t lifetime…

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